How Anyone Can Own A Lamborghini

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I remember as I child, I always thought that the super fast cars like Lamborghini’s, Porsche and Ferrari’s were only accessible to a few individuals in the world. I would always have this impression that it you had to be super smart, a genius or play professional basketball.

But after watching this interview with Peter Beatie, his story put all the myth and misconceptions to rest.

When I first learned about Peter, I realized he is just a normal guy and that basically anyone can do what he did. You just have to have the desire and then have a clear plan on how to achieve your goal.

Peter didn’t really have the greatest start in life, as a matter of fact he didn’t even have a good start in life. He was known for being a timid kid in school and he was perceived as an outcast because he wasn’t considered as one of the cool kids.

One thing, I would like to point out is that, for some reason being a outcast or loner, if you want to call it seems like to be a common characteristic of some of the successful people I read about. For example, for those who know skateboarding, Tony Hawk was a loner. All he did was practice skateboarding by himself all the time. Another outcast who comes to mind is Pharrell Williams, the rapper, producer and fashion designer, who also known for the hit song “I’m Happy” which was featured in Despicable Me 2. (I love that movie by the way!)

So these guys were all outcasts and I can see how that contributed to their success. If you happen to be one of the popular kids in school, you are not going to be as focused as the other loner guy. The popular guy or girl in school will always be occupied with something. They will always get invited to a house party, friends will constantly call them to the movies or hang out at so and so house. More than likely, they love to party which will lead to drinking and recreational drugs because someone who doesn’t engage in these illegal activities, doesn’t really sit at the top 10 things of being popular.


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Going back to Peter, he had 2 siblings and was  raised by a single mother. His dad   was a drug addict was most absent through out his life and unfortunately, he later   died due to a drug over dose.

These unfortunate events in his early life, almost made him drop out of school but   he ended up barely graduating from school.

He ended up becoming an Architect and no this wasn’t what allowed him to buy       Lamborghini. He later realized that he can never afford any luxury car, if he was     always going to work for someone else. So during his off time, he would dabble    with making custom videos.


He became good at making these videos that he was able to sell them to other business owners. Later, he found a way to streamline his process and made software that he could sell to others, so that they can easily make a video for themselves.

He custom video making products became a success and just took off from there.

What did he do next?

He quit his job, thats what he did. I probably would of done the same thing too. So he was able to generate enough income is short period of time, that he decided to buy that Lamborghini, he had always been dreaming about for so many years.

So the next time, you see a Lamborghini cruising down the road, just know that it is possible, that anyone can own one.

It doesn’t matter how much your life sucks right now or you just happen to be grow up in the worst kind of environments.

Hopefully after reading this inspiring story about Peter, will definite change your mindset and maybe get you own Lambo. If so, you can contact me here and I would love to write a post sharing your success and your new whip.


Single Dad Lands a $5,000 Client


This interview is about this single father, 2 kids who was able to land a whopping $5,000 client in about 2 months.

Now if you ask me, anyone who achieves this in 60 days is amazing and is worth listening too.

For those wondering, “Well, what was he doing before that?” His occupational background was that he worked in the printing press industry. He is the guy who helps prints all those mail we received, so next time you get a ton of junk email just remember that it was probably Jeremy who did that.

The one thing I will like to point out about this guy, the more you listen to the interview you will realize he is just an average joe. I mean that, anyone can pretty much do what he can. You just have to have to desire first in order to take that initial action.

One of the problems I see that most people face is the inability to take action. We know what to do but the problem is that we don’t do it. We know that we should eat healthier, we know that we should exercise but we don’t. The crazy thing, is that the only time we decide to take action is when it’s too late. Its when the doctor tells you at your annual check up that you’re at risk for diabetes or something.

This guys runs an online business where he helps individuals build high quality websites. He decides that he is going to target lawyers in his local area because he figures they have a lot of money to spend. After calling a few, he was right, they do have large budgets.

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So he gets this local lawyer to agree to pay him $5,000 to build out his website. Now again, this is a guy who has no computer programming skills what so ever. He was able to do this by using a website builder, so that means he didn’t have to build it from scratch. The tool that he used is a service call WIX. I checked them out myself and it looks legit. It has really nice looking templates and its really super duper cheap (its like under $10 bucks a month which is like the price of 2 Starbucks coffee).

A characteristic about Jeremy that I noticed, which I believe is a mandatory trait to have, is his persistence. He started 2 other online businesses and failed. So this was his third one. The thing about becoming an entrepreneur who have to learn how to deal with a lot of failures because it is going to happen. That is just the nature of the beast. Nobody starts something brand new and becomes a pro unless you are one of the lucky few who are born with it.

But if I had to choose between talent or persistence, I would pick persistence every time.

So there you have it, a simple story, a simple guy, who solves a simple problem for a lawyer who needs a website.

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What’s An Acrossad?

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 3.02.21 AMWhat’s an acrossad? Well that is a good question as I know most people are wondering. AcrossAD is an acronym, that stands for “Across American Dream.” It is 3 words that will explain what my blog is all about. I on a quest to achieving the American Dream and I will be sharing every single trial and tribulations I have or will experience along on the way. So get ready for an exiting adventure as I will share my message, my journey ACROSS the whole world.

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Lets start this baby by defining the “American Dream.” What exactly is it? It was a term first used by the American historian James Truslow Adams. It originated during a rough time, the Great Depression. Its an equal opportunity for every American, regardless of their background, social status, race or gender to work together to achieve a happy fulfilled life.

But lets define what the American Dream based on what the media or society defines it as. They define it in terms of being wealthy. Someone who went from rags to riches, someone who started from scratch and now built a massive empire.

One person who comes to mind, is Jay-Z. Most people know him as a rapper or entertainer but those who followed his track record, they will see that he has evolved to more than just a rapper.

He is well established entrepreneur and investor who ranks in the top 3 most wealthy hip-hop artists on Forbes. You can now find him, associated with a diverse network of individuals like Warren Buffet and other high net worth individuals.

If you still don’t believe me, then you can watch the video about him below.



If you really want to get inspired by this successful individual, I would recommend checking out his autobiography “Empire State of Mind” by Zach O”Malley Greenburg.

In addition to all the interview reviews I will be doing, as a bonus I will also include some inspirational books and resources I have devoured during my quest, the American Dream, so until then stay tuned.

Hi and Welcome To My Blog

Hi, my name is Paul and I’m from Arizona, actually not really. Technically I’m a military brat, so I have been bouncing all over world, moving from one military base to another. Despite not being able to keep any friends, I have been given the lucky opportunity to experience a lot at a young age. So If this is your first visit to Acrossad, then I welcome you to my blog. If you haven’t read my About page yet, no worries because you can find out more about me if you click the About page.

So the reason why I started this blog in the first place is one thing, the “American Dream.” (Get it, the AD in Just like everyone in this world, my goal is to achieve the American Dream at such a young age. While everyone is waiting till retirement at age 50 or even worse 65, I would like achieve this by the age of 30 years old.

As you follow me on Twitter or read my posts, I will be educating myself through out this journey by reviewing successful entrepreneurs interviews at Mixergy. If you don’t have a membership now, I would recommend signing up for one now. Its only like $25 bucks a month, I believe. Which is very affordable and cheap if you were to compare it to a college education that costs over $50k or $100k depending on how prestigious the school is.

So yeah, get ready for my wild journey while learning about all the greats who already success. Jim Rohn said it best, “Success Leaves Clues.”

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